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Holland, my second home

2015-06-02 13:04

In the last couple of years I have become a frequenter in Holland. I spent a lot of time on its airports, trains, stations and coffee shops. I have resided many times in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. I think I am becoming to know Holland’s public transport system better than I know Hungary’s. And I like it better too which is not strange at all as the trains out there are cleaner, they have proper air conditioning and what’s best is that on the more important lines there is free wifi; oh, and most of the train stations have free internet too. Also, there are many different yummy things, beautiful sandwiches, cooked food, fish and fruits on the menu – packed for travel; very sensible – and not only wiener schnitzel in a bun.

This trip brought me my first fine for not having a ticket… Of course, it was (almost) not my fault at all… I topped up my card with the proper amount before boarding and I only realised it on the train that I had forgotten to validate it… I had 8 minutes to switch trains and during that time I ran around the station looking for a check-in machine. To no avail. So I boarded the train without checking in. The conductor appeared soon. I gave him a name and some address…I haven’t received any checks since… But I learned to pay more attention when boarding!

I never thought I am going to write that much about trains in an entry… But the truth is that beside studios, lamps, flashlights and cameras a model’s most frequent acquaintances are trains and planes. So it is no wonder the train-subject appears that much on my blog!

After the train report we are off to something more exciting… Photos!!!!

Glamouring in a leather armchair:

hungarian model

Shooting with Jobro Fotografie

My favourite, soviet ‘plate-hat’ shooting with Stephan.

fanny müller modell

Shooting with Stephann Jannsen

Behind-the-scenes about Stephan chaining me:



As it has become regular now, I attended a ballet workshop:

Richard’s ballet silhouette

It is Holland after all, my first bicycle shooting.

Bicycle with Jeroen Gordijn

Bicycle with Jeroen Gordijn

The photos below were taken in Remco’s studio. I like this place, it is big with a lot of opportunities. On this day though the heating was not functional at Remco so when we were not shooting I was jumping up and down not to freeze…

In Remco's cold studio with Jeroen

In Remco’s cold studio with Jeroen



Artistic nude in the cold

Artistic nude in the cold


2015-06-02 12:58

It was nearing Halloween when I had the chance to work in Switzerland. In the last two days I had completely usual shootings in lingerie, nude, with guns, veteran car wonders, with x-mas presents as a sexy Santa and as a Sin City comic book heroine… But the first week was about Halloween. We promoted the studio in Baar on a huge exhibition and the shooting was in front of a big crowd. Anyone who wanted could pose with me and take the picture home as a gift. I have to say that Swiss kids are much less coy than Swiss men… :)


My Halloween faces

Here is a pick from the backstage photos with a Zurich photo among them. Because, beside work, I had half a day I spent with sightseeing. :)

Boring Swiss weekdays

Austria – medley

2015-06-02 12:55

This summer and fall I had many shootings in Austria and finally I had time to get to know the city of Vienna a bit better. Here is a taste…a taste of me, not Vienna 😉
On the cover of the 2015 art nude calendar:

nude model calendar

Andi Bruckner’s nude calendar

Another 2015 calendar with motorcycles and horses:

akt naptár magyar modell

Manfred’s “Girls and Bikes” nude calendar

Shooting in the beautiful Schönbrunn Hotel with Ortwin:

model hungarian nude

Shooting with Ortwin

Shooting in a studio with Manfred and Robert:

model nude

In the same box with the photographer

model fanny akt photo

Model in a box

I worked with Rob many times during the summer. The below pictures are from the first shooting:

fotómodell blog

Dancing nude shooting with Rob

A couple of times when I had to spend more time in Vienna I spent the night in Rob’s studio. I really enjoy sleeping in studios, in fancy prop beds, using a prop bath or a prop shower watching not to wet all the lamps and cables. :) Residing in a studio is a strange dual feeling. Here, the naturality of personal life meets the created world of modeling.

Weekend in Holland

2015-06-02 12:50

Ez az út is kalandosra sikerült. Szombaton hajnalban szállt fel a gépem Budapesten. This one was also an adventurous trip.
The plane took off Budapest at dawn. I made myself comfortable in my seat, tucked myself in, listened to some music and even fell asleep. I was awoken by the voice of the pilot who announced that we have arrived above Eindhoven but due to the foggy weather we cannot land so we will be cruising above the city. I put my earphones back and went back to my nap. Later I heard the pilot’s voice again through the music – he was talking about something like “…fog…late…patience…inconvenience…”. I thought he was just repeating himself so I went back to sleep.When I woke up I asked fellow passenger about what happened. It turned out that we had landed in another city. I was thinking it must be Amsterdam or Rotterdam. We departed in the “other city” that was also covered by fog. To my utmost surprise my telephone was showing ‘DE’. I asked someone where we are and it turned out it was Weeze, near Düsseldorf, where nearly all the planes heading to Eindhoven had landed. Great. How do I get to the shooting in Bleiswijk?! The airport was chaos – a huge mess with oceans of people with lots of baggages. There were two queues – people either wanted info or breakfast. I chose the breakfast one and while I was waiting I heard the info about a bus going to Eindhoven in 2 hours. I started to panic a bit… then, after a couple of deep breaths, a breakfast and an energy drink I calmed down and after a couple of phone calls and texts everything was resolved. I got to the workshop only 5 minutes late :)

aktmodell fanny magyar nude model

Piar Fotografie

Frank’s photos were taken at Piar’s workshop:

leggings model nude

Frank’s Leggings sequence


nude akt model fanny müller

Frank’s veil sequence

On Sunday I had a morning shooting in Leiden, an afternoon one in Gouda and at around 6p.m. I had to catch a flight home to Budapest. It was a busy day, everything precisely calculated and organized so I could not afford being late from anywhere.
I arrived on the train station in time. I did not have time on Saturday to top up the chip-card needed for travel. I could have done this three ways: top it up at the box office, at the machine with euro cents (worth at least 20euros) or at the machine from a creditcard. No box office, no bodegas not even a pub or something. I had some coins on me but nowhere near 20 euros…who has that many coins on them?! And my card has always been more or less empty… Nobody around… I started to panic againi. Finally, a tired middle-aged man appeared. I desperately jumped him and sputtered my problem to him. He was very kind but did not understand a word. He apologized and said that he had been working all night and I was too fast. What do I want? I repeated the story a couple of times and asked him to top up my chip-card with a 20 which I would, of course, give him in cash. This nice stranger helped me instantly and did not doubt my word for a second. It is not quite sure that in Hungary I would have gotten the same reaction from a stranger. But he topped up my card so I can travel just before my train has arrived. If it were not for him I could have only gotten on the train by paying a huge fine so I was quite releived. I gave him his 20 and as a token of my gratitude, a chocolate that he rejoiced over. So both of us had a good morning start.
And I worked with Peter in Leiden, and then with Evert in Gouda and with a bit of a run though, but I caught my flight in Eindhoven. :)

akt nude modell

Shooting with Peter in Leiden

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